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October 1, 2022
The University of Ottawa Scholarships for International Students

The University of Ottawa Scholarships for International Students

The University of Ottawa offers scholarships for international students that can help you get the best start possible in your studies. This article will go over how to apply and when they are available. International students graduate with a lot of debt. No matter where you come from, the University of Ottawa’s scholarships are designed to help international students get started in their studies and provide financial aid that will ease some of the burdens associated with starting university. Check out the University of Ottawa Scholarships for International Students

Does the University of Ottawa offer full scholarships for international students?

Yes, the University of Ottawa offers full scholarships for international students. These scholarships cover tuition, residence fees and living expenses while in Canada.

How To Apply For Ottawa scholarship

In order to be eligible for scholarships at the University of Ottawa, you must first apply for admission and then complete an application form. The Scholarship applications are only accepted online. International students are considered for scholarships and awards just like Canadian students. Scholarships are available to undergraduate and graduate students, including study abroad scholarships to Canada in 2022.

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The University of Ottawa has a wide range of academic degrees that you can choose from once you’re admitted as a student here. However, the scholarship application process must be done in Belgium if you’re not a resident of Canada. You don’t need to have an IELTS score to apply for a scholarship but it’s helpful if you know how to speak Dutch or French and know how to use the public transportation system in Brussels

Admissions Requirements at the University of Ottawa for International Students

The University of Ottawa offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs for international students. In order to be eligible for admission, you must meet the following requirements:

For Undergraduate Studies: You must have an average of 75% or higher, complete all prerequisites, and meet the minimum language requirements.

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For Graduate Studies: Admission requirements vary program-specifically by country but must be met; documents in other languages need to be in English or French. The University of Ottawa requires a Master’s degree for admission to most graduate programs, with a minimum average of 70%.

Completion of a Bachelor’s degree is required for undergraduate admissions (70% average). For more information on specific program requirements and guidelines, please visit the University of Ottawa website.

The University of Ottawa Scholarships for International Students

Automatic excellence scholarships

The University of Ottawa offers automatic scholarships for students who have good grades. The award comes in the form of a $1,000 Merit Scholarship and an Admission Scholarship for your first year at university.

You must be on the dean’s honour list to qualify for this scholarship. This is an international student scholarship that covers tuition and compulsory fees (excluding health and dental insurance).

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If you are registered as a full-time student at the University of Ottawa and achieve a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 8, you will automatically receive a scholarship to the University of Ottawa. You must maintain good academic standing throughout your studies at the University of Ottawa to continue receiving this scholarship. Note that if your grades are poor in one term, you do not lose your scholarship – you can start fresh with better grades for the following term!

University of Ottawa Admission Scholarship

The University of Ottawa offers scholarships to international students who are citizens of African countries. The University of Ottawa only offers these scholarships to international students with citizenship from African countries that need to provide proof of eligibility.

French Studies Bursary

The French Studies Bursary is awarded to students enrolled in the Faculty of Law, Civil Law Section.

It is worth $4,000 each year for full-time students (or $1,000 per semester). Students are required to take at least three courses or two courses in French as a second language if they’re in French immersion

One can renew the bursary for three more years provided they maintain full-time enrolment in a direct-entry faculty and are enrolled each term in at least 3 courses (9 units) taught in French, or 2 courses (6 units) taught in French, or if they are enrolled in FLS. The CGPA must be maintained throughout the program at 5.50

Bursaries for Postsecondary Studies in French as a Second Language

The University of Ottawa Scholarships for International Students is a bursary meant to encourage people to learn French. The bursary was created by the Government of Canada and administered by ACUFU. The bursary is worth $3,000 CAD and you must be at least 17 years of age by the first day of classes to qualify. 

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You must have English as your first Canadian official language spoken and complete secondary school in an English-language institution to qualify for this scholarship. This scholarship is available to students that have taken courses in French. The University of Ottawa will determine the financial need for this scholarship. This scholarship can be combined with other scholarships from the University of Ottawa Deadline for applications was March 31st. Non-Canadian, international students can apply for the scholarships

Professional Training Scholarship

The Professional Training Scholarship is automatically awarded to students with an excellent academic record. The scholarship is for students who demonstrate financial need, and who attend postsecondary programs in either Ontario or approved Indigenous institutions.

The $1,000 minimum applies to both public and private schools. Applications must be submitted online by October 31, 2022. Scholarships are available at the Masters’s and Bachelors’s levels; PhD scholarships are only available to those in a Master’s or equivalent degree program but students may be eligible for up to 2 years of support from the university towards their PhD studies if they enter into a research project with the University of Ottawa.

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Schulich Leader Scholarship

The Schulich Leader Scholarships are worth between $80,000 and $100,000. These scholarships are awarded to students who demonstrate outstanding community leadership, academic excellence, and financial need. Applications must be submitted online. The University of Ottawa provides scholarships for international students to help them pay for their college education in Canada.

President’s Scholarship

The President’s Scholarship is awarded to 1 full-time undergraduate student in each of the faculties and one student in civil law. The scholarship is awarded based on GPA, admission average, leadership qualities, and academic involvement. Renewal criteria that must be met to continue receiving the scholarship are:

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Maintain a cumulative grade point average of 80% or higher. Be enrolled as a full-time undergraduate student in the faculty of civil law section at the University of Ottawa

Demonstrate leadership qualities and academic involvement. The Award amount is $1,500 for second, third, and fourth place scholarships. Students who achieve a GPA of 90% or higher receive an award worth $2,000. Winners who have a GPA from 8.5

Chancellor’s Scholarship

The Chancellor’s Scholarship is a prestigious award given to international students who have an admission average of 92% or higher. In order to be considered for the scholarship, applicants must also demonstrate leadership qualities and a commitment to academic and extracurricular activities.

Recipients cannot combine the Chancellor’s Scholarship with the University of Ottawa Admission Scholarship, the President’s Scholarship, the Faculty of Arts Dean’s Merit Scholarship or the Merit Scholarship. The scholarship can be renewed for three years provided they maintain full-time enrollment and a minimum grade point average of 8.5

Indigenous Leadership Scholarship

The Indigenous Leadership Scholarship is awarded to students who show academic excellence and outstanding leadership skills. Applicants must be of Indigenous origin and are enrolled full-time for the first time in an undergraduate program in a direct-entry faculty or Civil Law Section.

This scholarship is available to international students who demonstrate leadership and commitment. The GPA requirement for renewal is 8.50 but can be lowered if the student pursues full-time enrollment in a direct-entry faculty while maintaining an 85% admission average.

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The University of Ottawa offers six scholarships, with a preference for students who speak an Indigenous language. Students can renew their scholarship at 50% of the annual value if they have a CGPA between 8.00 and 8.49 at the end of the academic year. Students can renew their scholarship for the full amount in a subsequent year if their CGPA increases to 8.50 or higher

The University of Ottawa Scholarships for International Students are issued by the Faculty of Law, Civil Law Section. 

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